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Bill Evans Trio - Time Remembered CD

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Time Remembered is a live album by jazz pianist Bill Evans with Chuck Israels and Larry Bunker partially recorded at the Shelly Manne's club in Hollywood, California in May 1963, but not released until 1983 on the Milestone label as a double LP. It would be later reissued on CD in 1999.

The trio performances were recorded at the same sessions that produced At Shelly's Manne-Hole (1963) and were first released on The Complete Riverside Recordings (1987).

Four solo performances (Danny Boy, Like Someone in Love, In Your Own Sweet Way, and Easy to Love) were recorded in a separate session in April 1962 in New York City. Some Other Time was recorded in December 1958 in New York City.

Tracks 1 to 4 are solo performances which Evans made on his first return to the recording studio after a long absence following the death of bassist Scott la Faro and the consequent break up of the famous "first trio". These were the only pieces he played at the session and they lay unreleased and apparently forgotten until a few years before Evans's death. They catch Evans in a reflective, exploratory mood similar to that on the two `The Solo Sessions' albums, although Brubeck's tune "In Your Own Sweet Way", played at a slowish walking pace, is a perky, well characterised reading. "Danny Boy" sounds the least "finished" of the pieces: for the first two choruses Evans does little more than embellish the well-known tune and the variations which follow reflect an interest more in the tune itself than in its possibilities for improvisation. Then there's a curious moment when, just as the variations are becoming interesting, he appears to round off the piece with a coda but immediately resumes his improvisation. The version of this piece on the `Empathy' album is, although briefer, a more complete, polished one, but this one in its spontaneous way makes for fascinating listening, as if one were eavesdropping on a practice session.

Below/altta What is This Thing Called Love?

Track 5 - another piano solo - is the version of "Some Other Time" which Evans recorded at the session which produced the 1958 album, `Everybody Digs Bill Evans'. It's of particular interest because Evans's "Peace Piece" was inspired by the introductory chords he devised for this tune, and his improvisation seems to hover ambiguously between the chord sequence of the tune and the modal "Peace Piece" harmony. Probably for that reason this track was left off the original LP issue of `Everybody Digs...' although it is included as a bonus track on the CD version.

The rest of the album, tracks 6 to 13, comes from the session which produced Live at Shelly's Manne-Hole with Chuck Israels and Larry Bunker. If you know that fine album you shouldn't need much encouragement to add this one to your collection. Evans is at his most thoughtful and inventive, both in the subtle, sometimes oblique chord voicings he gives to the themes and in his improvisations. For this reason, pieces which he recorded at other sessions, such as "What is this Thing Called Love?" and "How About You" are different enough in character to be more than mere "repeats". Beautifully as Evans plays, there's also a lot of pleasure to be had from Bunker's discreet but alert accompaniment and especially from listening closely to the way the excellent Chuck Israels duets with the pianist and shapes his own imaginative solos.

Below/altta Time Remembered...

Track listing/Parçalar: 

"Danny Boy" (Frederick Weatherly) - 10:41
"Like Someone in Love" (Johnny Burke, Jimmy Van Heusen) - 6:27
"In Your Own Sweet Way" (Dave Brubeck) - 2:58
"Easy to Love" (Cole Porter) - 4:42
"Some Other Time" (Leonard Bernstein, Betty Comden, Adolph Green) - 6:12
"Lover Man" (Jimmy Davis, Ram Ramirez, James Sherman) - 5:06
"Who Cares?" (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin) - 5:24
"What Is This Thing Called Love?" (Porter) - 5:48
"How About You?" (Ralph Freed, Burton Lane) - 4:06
"Everything Happens to Me" (Tom Adair, Matt Dennis) - 4:47
"In a Sentimental Mood" (Duke Ellington, Manny Kurtz, Irving Mills) - 4:26
"My Heart Stood Still" (Lorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers) - 4:34
"Time Remembered" (Bill Evans) - 5:35


Bill Evans - piano
Chuck Israels - bass
Larry Bunker - drums

Below/altta Easy To Love...

Time Remembered caz piyanist Bill Evans'ın Chuck Israels ve Larry Bunker ile yaptığı canlı performans albümüdür. Kayıtları kısım kısım Holywood'taki Shelly Manne's Club'taMayıs 1963'te  yapılan albüm 1983'e dek yayınlanmamış ve o yıl Milestone tarafından double LP olarak yayımlanmış ve 199'da ise CD olarak yayınlanmıştır.

Aynı zamanda ve oturumlarda kaydedilen üçlünün performansları ise ilk kez 1987'de The Complete Riverside Recordings içinde yayınlanmıştır.

Albümde dört adet solo performans  (Danny Boy, Like Someone in Love, In Your Own Sweet Way, and Easy to Love) bulunmaktadır ve bunlar Nisan 1962'de ayrı bir oturumda Newyork'ta Some Other Time ise 1958'de yine New York'ta kaydedilmiştir.

Solo parçalar 1-4 Evans'ın basçısı Scott la Ferro'nun ölümünden sonra uzun süren sessizliğinin ardından kayıt için stüdyoya döndüğü ilk parçalardır. Bunlar sanatçı tarafından tek kerede kaydedilen ve ölümünden bir süre evveline dek unutulmuş parçalardır. Bu parçalar tıpkı diğer iki adet The Solo Sessions albümünde olduğu gibi sanatçının keşfedici tarzını yansıtır.

Albümde beşinci parça diğer bir solo çalışma Evans'ın 1958'de kaydedilen albümü Everybody Digs Bill Evans için yapılan Some Other time versiyonudur

Albümün geri kalan parçaları ise Shelly's Manne-Hole' de canlı olarak kaydedilen üçlü performaslardan oluşur.

Harika bir performans, etkileyici caz yorumları ve kaliteki bir alt yapı istiyorsanız hemen tüm Bill Evans albümleri gibi bu albümde kolleksiyonuzda olmazsa olmaz çalışmalardan, şiddetle öneririm.

Altta/below How About You...

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